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Let Cap’n Howard show you the serenity and beauty of the San Juan Islands.  Charters can be custom designed to fit your particular desires. *  Anything from a casual day of sight seeing, or you at the wheel sailing experience.   Our method of teaching is 100% hands on.  This is even if you’ve never sailed before.    

* If wild life is your thing, you have come to the right place.  The San Juan’s have an abundance of Bald Eagles, Harbor (and sometimes) Fur Seals, Otters and of course our Orcas.  Our whale watching is wind permitting under sail.  With the motor off we don’t disturb the whales.

The crew hiding from sea monsters

  Contact the Cap’n
During the day 360 317-8421Evenings 360 378-3958
We are a small business with no set office hours
Feel free to call any time before 10PM Pacific standard time

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